Our Guarantees

Product Assortment Guarantee

It is important for us at Sofa Bed Expert that you as a customer feel safe with your purchase.

At Sofa Bed Expert no customer is too small or too much trouble. If you need an extra bed cover or something else for your sofa bed two years after your sofa bed purchase we will help you to the extent it’s possible. We guarantee that we will help you in any way possible after you’ve purchased your sofa bed.

We guarantee that as long as the products are still in production and can be ordered from the manufacturer, you can reorder and purchase spare parts from us. We sell quality sofa beds that lasts a long time that’s why we also sell a large collection of spare parts, accessories and furniture care products for your sofa bed. Of course you can always purchase these products after you’ve purchased your sofa bed and need to compliment your original purchase. On our website we provide advice on how to take care of your furniture. You are always welcome to call us and ask questions. We love to hear from our customers.

We also sell extra fabrics for all our sofa beds so you can buy extra fabrics for other projects, etc. We also sell accessories and extra parts for your sofa bed for example sofa bed mattresses. We offer Leathermaster’s entire line of furniture care products on our furniture care products page.

Quality Guarantee

The Swedish Consumer Sales Act grants all Swedish consumers a three year mandatory legal guarantee. Which makes it one of the longest in the world. Only in Norway is the mandatory legal guarantee longer(five years). Sofa Bed Expert aim to deliver the best possible products to our customers. We sell quality products that we know last. We guarantee the quality of our furniture fabrics for at least five years.

What does the guarantee cover?

For all retail customers that shop from us we guarantee that all stitching on our furniture hold up to normal wear and tear for at least five years.

This extended guarantee applies to all stitching on all our fabrics, sofas and upholstered furniture. This guarantee applies to our entire selection. To be covered by this guarantee we require proof of purchase for example using a receipt.

Read more about the Swedish Consumer Sales Act and the Distance and Doorstep Sales act here: https://www.hallakonsument.se/other-languages/english-engelska1/ (In English)
https://www.hallakonsument.se/other-languages/english-engelska1/consumer-sales-act/ (In English)
https://www.hallakonsument.se/other-languages/english-engelska1/distance-and-doorstep-sales-act/ (In English)
https://www.konsumentverket.se/vart-arbete/lagar-och-regler/ (In Swedish)

Read about more about Norwegian consumer laws here: