GDPR data collection on United Internet Furniture Sweden AB

Overview data collection on Sofabedexpert

For us, it is important that you always know the following.

  • We collect your information in order to improve your shopping experience at Sofabedexpert based on your specific wishes – and when we do this, we are always clear about it.
  • We collect your information in order to improve your shopping experience at Sofabedexpert based on your specific wishes – and when we do this, we are always clear about it.
  • We are transparent with the information we receive from you and why we need it.
  • We do not share your information with third parties unless this is necessary, for example to arrange a time for delivery or assembly.
  • We handle your data and ensure that it is secure in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What information does Sofabedexpert receive from you?

  • When you become a member of Sofabedexpert business club, we need your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Your Sofabedexpert business club account or profile on contains information about when you shop online or visit
  • If you shop online at and pay by debit or credit card, we perform a fraud check.
  • If you call our customer service, the call is recorded for educational purposes.

1. Information on the handling of personal data

Sofabedexpert protects your personal privacy and we want you to feel safe when you submit your information to us. For us at Sofabedexpert, it is important to be open about how we process your personal data and give you information in a way that makes you understand how we will process your personal data.

In this privacy policy, which applies to all Sofabedexpert’s customers in Sweden, we give you information about how we handle your personal information in connection with you visiting our websites, registering an account at or our business club, purchasing our products or services or in other contacts with us.

Sofabedexpert works continuously with privacy issues and we may therefore update this policy. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

2. The responsibility for your personal data?

Sofabedexpert United Internet Furniture Sweden AB Västra Vemmenhög 231 org: 556827-0382 is responsible for the personal data collected and processed by

Sofabedexpert has also appointed a special data protection representative who has the task of helping Sofabedexpert to comply with current data protection legislation, with contact information: U.I.F Sweden AB Data Protection Representative, U.I.F Sweden AB Västra Vemmenhög 231, telephone: 076-1748251.

If you provide information to any of our partners (eg by clicking on a link to one of our partners that is published on our website), our partner is responsible for your personal information.

3. What personal information is collected by Sofabedexpert?

When you visit Sofabedexpert’s website as an identified customer or apply for membership in Sofabedexpert company club, purchase our products or services or in other contacts with us, we collect your personal information. Such as full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, social security number, payment details, Company Club card number, purchase, order and usage history, IP address, photos and other case-related information (eg information that you provide when contacting our customer service).

4. Why does Sofabedexpert process your personal data?

Once you have provided personal information to us at Sofabedexpert, we use this information for the purposes and with the support of the legal basis set out below:

4A. To be able to handle ordering and administration of your purchase

The purchase agreement that we have entered into with you constitutes the legal basis for the processing and is necessary for us to be able to fulfil our contractual obligations and fulfil this agreement towards you, e.g. so that we can deliver your order and get paid.

4B. To be able to administer your membership in our business club and for secure and correct handling of personal data linked to your Sofabedexpert business club subscription

The agreement we have entered into with you (ie our commitments in Sofabedexpert business club agreement) constitutes the legal basis for handling your membership agreement. The processing is necessary for us to be able to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you, e.g. create and administer your account on “Your business page” and administer your membership benefits.

4C. To be able to handle customer service matters

It is Sofabedexpert’s legitimate interest, which is the legal basis, as well as the treatment necessary to be able to assist you with questions about products or complaints related to our products. May also include follow-up questions and surveys about how you think products and services have worked for you as a customer of Sofabedexpert. If your question concerns a complaint, we will process your information in order to fulfil our obligations under applicable consumer law and we will process your information on the basis of the legal basis based on our purchase agreement with you.

4D. To be able to send general marketing (such as sending out our company catalogue or brochure) and personal direct marketing via e-mail, text message, mail or social media

The agreement we have entered into with you (ie our commitments in the Sofabedexpert company club membership terms) is the legal basis for the processing of personal data. The processing is necessary for us to be able to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you, e.g. give you offers on products or services that we think you may be interested in. If you are a customer of sofabedexpert but are not a member of our business club, Sofabedexpert will process your personal data to send marketing based on our legitimate interest in being able to market sofabedexpert’s products and services.

4E. To be able to carry out your participation in competitions and events

The legal basis is our legitimate interest in us having the opportunity to administer or follow up competitions and events, eg confirmation of registrations or questions or information about winners.

4F. To be able to make updates and improvements of services and products as well as the technical functionality of our computer systems

The legal basis is our legitimate interest in being able to make updates to the technology that enables you to visit our website, use our mobile applications or shop in our web shop or to be able to understand how you as a customer experience our products and thereby improve existing and develop new products and services.

4G. To be able to prevent misuse of our services

It is in our legitimate interest to provide secure services that may prevent any attempted unauthorized access or misuse of our services.

4H. To be able to register the people who announce that they do not want unaddressed marketing from Sofabedexpert and are not registered as Sofabedexpert’s customers

Legitimate interest not to receive marketing mailings at the request of an individual.

4I. To be able to fulfil the company’s obligations under law such as regarding product safety, government decisions or accounting requirements or under tax law.

The legal basis is to be able to fulfil our legal obligations under law.

5. Personal information that Sofabedexpert collects

Sofabedexpert processes personal identity numbers so that we can ensure that we have correct information about our customers. In addition to the personal information that you provide to us at Sofabedexpert, we also in some cases collect your personal identity number and address information via address update in We do this to ensure that the benefits and offers provided are linked to the right person.

6. How Sofabedexpert uses the information about you in our business club.

When you order or buy a product or service from us at Sofabedexpert, when you are a registered member of Sofabedexpert’s business club, we will use your purchase and order history as well as user history (eg how you click or search on our website) to get  an insight into and be able to understand which products or services you are interested in, and if there are other similar products or services that we also think you would like. Based on this information, we at Sofabedexpert will be able to give you information about news in our range but also about timeless classics that you have not yet found. We will also be able to send you special membership benefits based on your interests and preferences and other similar mailings. This information is necessary for us to be able to give you as a member additional offers in addition to what we offer to other customers. If you do not want us to use your customer history to send you offers and other membership benefits, you always have the right to unsubscribe from such mailings.

If you do not want us to use your customer history at all (eg when we develop and improve our products and services or improve technical functionality), you always have the right to terminate your membership in our business club.

The customer information that we store about you is based on information that Sofabedexpert has collected about you either from you or from official registers such as or to ensure the correct address information or other actors that Sofabedexpert collaborates with and where you also is a customer, to create the collective information about you.

7. When we can share your information

Sofabedexpert only shares your personal information when this is a legal requirement or otherwise when it is permitted by law. In some cases, we may use a personal data assistant who helps us with our marketing or to process agreements and orders. Companies that help us in these cases can be forwarding and logistics companies, bank and credit card companies or suppliers in marketing. In such cases, we have entered into an agreement for the personal data assistant that ensures that there are security measures in place to protect your data. When we share your information, it will be used for the same purpose for which we originally collected it.

Sofabedexpert minimizes the transfer of personal data to a country outside the EU / EEA and in cases where this takes place, such as systemic support and maintenance, this takes place in accordance with particularly high requirements and agreements.

We also share your personal data with certain companies that are independently responsible for personal data, which means that they control how the information is processed, such as authorities or companies that offer independent payment solutions or general goods transport.

8. Storage and storage time

At Sofabedexpert, we process information about you as a customer in order to provide the best service and we save your information for as long as the information is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information was initially collected. The information can also be saved for the time required by applicable law. We at Sofabedexpert have ongoing routines that ensure that we do not store unnecessary information about you and we minimize the storage time as much as possible.

Information regarding customers when purchasing and customer service matters

  • As for your purchase, order, and user history, to the extent that we have not anonymized your information, we will delete such history 5 years after the transaction date.
  • Information related to a customer service case is saved until it is terminated or otherwise deleted after 5 years from the completion of the purchase transaction, if the matter is linked to a purchase.
  • Regarding purchase history, the information will be used for the marketing of similar Sofabedexpert products and services, for a storage period of 1 year. You can always unsubscribe from such mailings from Sofabedexpert.

Information collected after consent

If you are neither a buying customer nor a member of any of Sofabedexpert’s customer clubs, but for example visit Sofabedexpert’s website or at other times where it becomes relevant, Sofabedexpert will obtain consent from you before we make any registration of your personal information. The information collected from you with your consent, Sofabedexpert saves as long as the information is relevant but deletes historical information continuously, 5 years from the time the information was collected. You can always revoke your consent and the information will be deleted as soon as possible and no later than within 6 months.

Information regarding members of Sofabedexpert’s business club.

As a member of our business club, we save relevant and current information related to your member account, as long as you choose to be a member with us. If you no longer wish to be a member, we will delete your information no later than 6 months after we receive your
notice of termination. If you have been inactive (ie have not made any registered purchases or logged in to your member site) for 5 consecutive years, we will delete your member account and thereby delete all personal information about you. If you no longer want direct marketing from Sofabedexpert, you can always unsubscribe from Sofabedexpert’s mailings.

9. Security of your personal data

On Sofabedexpert, we ensure that your personal data is handled in accordance with special security measures to protect the personal data against illegal or unauthorized access to the information. At Sofabedexpert, only the information needed and only by the people who need it, is handled in order to provide the best service to our customers.

10. Your rights

We at Sofabedexpert always want to be transparent with how we process your information. If you want access to your personal data processing, you have the right to request access to your data via a register extract. If we receive a request from you, we may request additional information to ensure that we disclose the information to the correct person. A request for an extract from the register must be signed in writing by you. You also always have the right to request that your personal information be corrected. You have the opportunity to log in to your user account and correct incorrect information.

You can request deletion of your data to the extent that complies with applicable law and in accordance with agreements entered into with you and we will of course always do our best to meet your request for deletion. You also have the right to object to our processing (eg if any of the information collected is incorrect). In some cases can not Sofabedexpert will comply with your request for deletion, if the information is needed to comply with applicable law.

Your personal data may not be processed for direct marketing or profiling if you object to such processing. You also have the right to revoke a given consent at any time and refuse various types of marketing.

11. Complaints and supervisory authority

If you believe that we have handled your personal information incorrectly, you can always contact us at Sofabedexpert. The Data Inspectorate is responsible for supervision in accordance with data protection legislation and anyone who believes that there is incorrect handling of personal data can make a complaint to the Data Inspectorate.

12. Contact us

Our goal is to always give you simple and accurate information about how we use your personal information. At Sofabedexpert, our customers’ personal integrity is important to us and we are constantly working on improvements so that you as a customer will always feel safe when you submit your information to us. If you have questions about how we use your personal information, you are welcome to contact our customer service. You can also call us on telephone number: 040-405566.