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Do you want to sleep like real samurai? Then a futon is a great choice. A traditional japanese Shikibuton mattress can be placed in a minimalist furnitured room directly on top of a rice mat. A Shikibuton is always filled with high quality natural cotton which is what we deliver here at Sofa Bed Expert. A futon mattress can be customized in a completely different way than a modern mattress.

With modern futon sofa beds you can fold down the back and with a simple motion achieve an ergonomic bed made for every night. A futon mattress is the natural choice with a great variety of organic options.

We recommend almost all futon sofa beds for every night use because the mattresses are solid and can be easily be thumped to recover their fluffy character after they’ve been compressed. Futons provide a different sleeping experience that is ergonomic but can be perceived as firmer for the inexperienced futon sleeper.

We have a futon Store in Skåne-Tranås, Sweden where you can try out all our futon mattresses.


Futon terminology

A Tatami mattress is a traditional Japanese rice mattress that is traditionally used to place a futon mattresses on top in Japan.

A Shiatsu mattress is a thinner type of futon mattress made for use with a traditional Shiatsu massage. It can be used as a mattress topper.

A Yasumi mattress is a more refined version of the Shiatsu mattress for those that prefer a lighter alternative. It can also works well as a mattress topper.