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Maglehem Sofa With Organic Mattress

16 999 kr



Maglehem sofa from Österlen Inredning with an organic mattress from German Futonwerk. The frame is made entirely of pinewood. The sofa is made in the Österlen district in Sweden and has a 100% cotton fabric. Our mission was to create a sofa made entirely of biodegradable materials so that it does not harm the environment when it ages.

Bed size: 90 x 200 cm
Height: height without mattress: 29 cm
Seat height 45 cm
Seat depth 63 cm
Bed size: 90 x 200 cm

The frame is made of 100% pinewood with a solid and sturdy plywood base that provides a solid foundation for the futon mattress.

The sofa has a frame made of 100% Swedish FSC certified pinewood from the Småland region in Sweden. The frame is made that provides a sturdy frame and also provides great ventilation.

The mattress has a middle natural latex layer with a horsehair layer on each side and two outer cotton comfort layers. The mattress has a durable cotton satin cover that is certified by GOTS. The natural latex in the mattress has an organic certification and is grown in Vietnam. The horsehair used is from Europe.

Country of origin
Sweden and Germany. The frame is made in Onslunda in the Österlen district in Sweden. The mattress is made in Dortmund, Germany.

Package information
The sofa is delivered unassembled in a box made of hardboard Masonite and wood.

Delivery time: Stock Item 2-5 days within Sweden.

Delivery time: Stock Item 2-5 days within Sweden.