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Classic Sofa Beds

Forward Folding Sofa Beds

There are two main groups of forward folding sofa beds
Traditional forward folding beds where the bed insert is hidden underneath the seat cushions and Innovative Sofa Beds of which there are several different variants for you to choose from.
The Traditional forward-facing sofa bed is often softer in the seat and is experienced by many to have a better comfort than other sofa beds. The bed insert is usually located under the cushions in the seat. Which makes it almost impossible to see that it’s a sofa bed. Many forward folding sofa beds have a simple bed frame that is only intended for guests and temporary overnight stays.
For many of our sofas, however, there is a thicker variant with wooden slats to buy so that it can be used every night. 3-seater and 2.5-seater are both intended for three people and are therefore both are called three-seaters. The difference is that a 2.5-seat sofa has two seat cushions and a 3-seat sofa has 3 seat cushions.

Side Folding Sofa Beds

In a side folding sofa bed you sleep parallel alongside the sofa. Most models also have an extra bed which can be folded out and up under the sofa. The advantage of this type of sofa is that it does not take up as much space in the room when you fold out the bed from the sofa itself. A side folding sofa often has an innerspring mattress in the seat, which means that it is therefore recommended to sleep in every night. However, some simpler models have no innerspring, which means that they are not suitable for use every night. Side folding sofas also have space for bedding in the back of the sofa. A side folding sofa usually has no fabric upholstery on the back but a cover is available as an optional extra item.

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