Sofa Beds

Hovden Logo. Hovden of Norway 1945.


Hovden möbel is Norways largest sofa bed producer with many years of experience of manufacturing high quality sofa beds. Hovden möbel have many innovative solutions and a large number of options for their sofa beds and you can purchase all of them from us here at Sofa Bed Expert.

Hovden’s recommendation for every night use:
Supreme sofa bed with a 19 cm tall pocket spring mattress.
Bed Inside 140 sofa bed with a pocket spring mattress.

You can find Hovden Möbel sofas at the following links:

Hovden side folding sofa beds
Hovden forward folding sofa beds
Hovden Bed Inside design your own sofa bed
Hovden Ottoman beds and other sleeper furniture
Hovden Storage furniture – other furniture and accessories
Hovden Furniture fabrics for Hovden sofa beds and other furniture

Innovation Living Logo


Innovation Living is Denmark’s biggest sofa bed producer.

One Room Living combines smart sofa bed solutions for people with limited space with beautiful design.

Their sofa beds is at the forefront of design and aesthetics.

You can order Innovations Living’s entire range of products from us here at Sofa Bed Expert.

Innovation Living’s recommendation for every night use:
Bifrost Deluxe Excess Sofa Bed From Innovation Living with storage for bedding and a pocket spring system in the seat.
Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger Sofa Bed From Innovation Living
Long Horn Excess Sofa Bed from Innovation Living
Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger Sofa Bed from Innovation Living

You can find Innovation Living sofas at the following links:

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Innovation Living furniture fabrics for sofa beds

Karup Design Logo


Karup has an outstanding environmental profile and their sofas are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and they use organic cotton in their mattresses. Just like our other suppliers Karup offer a great variety of options for their sofas. Karups collection mainly consists of the futon mattresses with their endless list of uses.

Karup’s recommendation for every night use:
Futon mattress in the size of your choice from Karup. We recommend that you put the futon mattress on a Tatami mat or one of our bed frames for futon mattresses.

You can find Karup sofa beds and their accessories at the following links:

Karup futon sofa beds
Karup futon mattresses & covers
Karup futon bed frames and tatami mattresses
Karup futon day beds
Karup futon chair beds
Karup sofa bed accessories

LC Möbler Logo


LC möbler is a small family business with a long tradition of making high quality sofa beds.

LC Möbler – Swedish made furniture.

Sofa beds & chairs with design and quality for the right price!

Your home is a place for relaxation and safety. You create a harmonic space by decorating your home yourself and create an environment where you thrive. Are you looking for a beautiful sofa bed, sofa or chair to make your home a little bit more beautiful. Then you’ve come to the right place.

Genuine craftsmanship

All our furniture are Swedish made with craftsmanship in the forests of Småland. Our sofa beds are made of a solid wooden frame. After that the rest of the components are assembled by hand.

LC Möbler’s recommendation for every night use:
Daniella Sofa Bed from LC Möbler with a spring coil option and there are additional storage furniture to choose from.

You can find LC möbler sofa beds and accessories at the following links:

LC Möbler forward folding sofa beds
LC Möbler chair beds
LC Möbler fabric for sofa beds
LC Möbler sofa bed accessories

LC Möbler Logo
Locally produced furniture from Österlen. Österlen interior design produces locally produced furniture with a strong focus on the environment. The basic idea is that all furniture should be 100% ecologically degradable. Everything is manufactured locally with a focus on the environment and sustainability.
LC Möbler Logo

Woodman Ukraine  is a Ukrainian company based in Lviv in western Ukraine. All production of their furniture is based on locally produced Fsc certified beech wood. All parts of their production in Ukraine is environmental friendly.

All woodmans bed frames are made for every night as they have stabil wooden slats, we also recommend their sofa bed for a simple every night bed as they have stabile wooden slats. .


Wall Beds

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo

Website: (German).
Nehl Wohnideen is one of Europe’s largest producers of wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) and other foldable bed solutions. Nehl create furniture with a focus on quality and customisation.

You can find Nehl’s wall beds at the following link:
Nehl Wohn Ideen wall beds.

Lova Spintoje

Website (Lithuanian):
A cabinet maker that can manufacture almost anything.
You can find Lova spintoje’s bedside cabinets here:

Lova Spintoje Wall Beds

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo

Quality bedside cabinets manufactured in Österlen with a focus on quality and environmentally friendly alternatives that last a long time.

Österlen Wall Bed Factory recommends for every night:

Vertical Wall Bed Made For A Bed Of Your Choice

Horizontal Wall Bed Made for A Box Spring Mattress In A Size of Your Choice

You can find Österlen Sängskåpsfabrik Wall Beds at the following link:

Österlen Sängskåpsfabrik Wall Beds

Futons & Natural Mattresses

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo

Quality and craftsmanship right through. All mattresses are handcrafted in Dortmund, Germany. all mattresses are available in organic materials. Futonwerk are real experts in futon and all their products are made of 100% natural materials. Futonwerk has many years of experience in manufacturing in natural materials and their mattresses are enjoyed by many.

You can find Futonwerk mattresses here: Futonwerk Futons

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo

Website (German):
All Neonatura mattresses are handcrafted in Dortmund, Germany. All mattresses are in 100% natural material and are available in certified organic materials.

You can find Neonatura mattresses here: Organic mattresses

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo

Web page:
Polonia Natural Design is a small Polish family business with a strong focus on natural materials and environmental thinking. All materials must be biodegradable and part of the environmental cycle. All Polonia fabrics are certified for the OEKO-TEX 100 standard.

We recommend all Polonia’s futon mattresses to be used every night if you like a slightly firmer bed. If you want a slightly softer bed, you can put on a slightly softer bed mattress.

Polonia sofa bed is recomended for every night use

Other suppliers

Allbäck Logo. Linoljefärg. Linseed oil paint.

Allbäck Linseed oil paint

We sell Allbäck’s environmentally friendly linseed oil paint at Sofa Bed Expert so you can take care of your wood furniture.

You can find Allbäck’s furniture care products at the following link:

Allbäck’s furniture care products

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo


Cinius makes furniture with fokus on Japanes style and compact living. In all production of Cinius furniture the environment is in focus and most of their products are made in natural materials. 

Nehl Wohn-Ideen Logo

Flodin design offer furniture of their own design for example their practical tray table that we sell here at Sofa Bed Expert.

Flodin designs tray table

Leather Master Scandinavia Logo.

We sell quality sofa beds that last a long time therefore it’s important for us that you’ll be able to care of your sofa when it’s a few years old. We do not encourage — we want that you to be able to take care of your sofa bed long after you’ve bought it. That’s why we sell Leather masters entire range of furniture care products. Leather master offer among other things both fabric glue and stain removers and many more products in case an accident should occur.

Leather Master furniture care products

How we choose our suppliers.

Because we are meticulous about quality and offer a 5 year quality guarantee for furniture fabrics we are very selective with who we choose as a supplier for Sofa Bed Expert. We have many years of experience selling furniture, mainly sofa beds. We do not sell anything that doesn’t meet our high standards of quality. We aim to have a close and constructive dialogue with our suppliers so we can offer our customers the very best.