Fire Safety

Fire safety is very important when conducting night shifts for example on a ship. We at Sofa Bed Expert offer a wide range of fireproof fabrics and coating materials you can choose from.

Lodging Businesses

When you run a lodging business beginning with the rooms and continuing out into the corridor, this places extra demands on the room to be its own fire cell and for there to be fire-fighting equipment easily accessible. If on the other hand you have an exit right out into the open such as in a cabin this does not place as high demands on firefighting equipment.

But no matter how you feel it is important to prevent fires. One of the most common fire scenarios is that it starts to burn in the upholstered furniture in a bed or in a sofa. The most important thing to keep in mind when you have textile upholstered furniture is that the textile should be tightly sewn and of good quality. If it is a natural material we recommend wool fabrics as they are fire-resistant without added chemicals. But we have lots of different textiles that have different fire classes that you can choose from. If you want more suggestions and advice feel free to contact us and one of our experienced business salesmen can help you find the right textile and fire class for your needs.


We offer custom solutions for ships with bunk beds and more in flame-retardant laminates that are IMO certified. We can also offer IMO certified mattresses if needed. On ships the space can be limited and we offer several compact bed solutions custom made for ships. We also offer special attachments that connect to the wall and help lock units in place so that they stay closed or open during rough seas.