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Wall beds are practical solution that saves space and provides a very comfortable bed that can be used every night. We offer a large range of wall beds, Murphy Beds are also known as pull down beds or fold-down beds.

Feel free to visit our store in Skåne-Tranås, Österlen, Scania (Skåne), Sweden. We have many years of experience with wall beds and we offer free delivery on all orders over 499 SEK within Sweden.

Here is a video to help you to choose from different types of Wall beds:

If you are going to use a wall bad there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a wall bed:

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  • Strong Bed Header
    The bed header should be reinforced or be thicker or else it won’t be able to handle the load and start to cave in when the wall bed is folded out every night. Because wall beds are usually attached to the wall using the top bed header. It can end up very poorly if you use a bed header that do not have the strength to support the force imposed on it.
  • Adjustable Slatted Bed Base
    The slatted bed base should be adjustable so you can adjust the firmness to get comfortable and ergonomic sleep. If you are looking at wall beds with a traditional box-spring mattress you can disregard this part because they do not have a slatted bed base.
  • Railing
    The railing should be thicker than for example a wardrobe to be able to withstand wear and tear in case something gets stuck when the wall bed is folded up.
  • High Quality Mattress
    The mattress should be high quality and recommend for every night use by the manufacturer or else they won’t last and flattens quickly. Just like in a regular bed there are variety of different mattress to choose from depending on your preferences. Sofa Bed Expert have a 14 day mattress return policy. If you are not satisfied with your mattress you can exchange it for a different mattres.

We are the largest supplier of wall beds in Skåne and can offer installation services in all municipalities in Skåne: Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Ystad, Trelleborg, Ängelholm, Båstad, Lomma, Vellinge, Svedala, Sjöbo, Bromölla, Bjuv, Eslöv, Staffanstorp, Simrishamn, Tomelilla, Höör, Hörby, Svalöv, Östra Göinge, Hässleholm, Burlöv, Perstorp, Örkeljunga, Höganäs, Klippan, Osby, Skurup, Kävlinge, Åstorp and Landskrona.

Feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help you plan or create estimates for your project.

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