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Fittings for DIY (Do It Yourself) Wall Bed

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Complete set with wall beds hinges, gas piston and legs. However, you can choose whether you want to buy the whole kit or opt out of something.

If you are going to build your own wall bed, this kit contains a template for how to mount the fittings.

Building your own wall bed requires a skilled craftsman. All attachments both of the finished cabinet in the wall and in the cabinet itself must be stable as there are large forces in motion when folding out a bed with gas dampers.

Never remove the security band on the gas pistons before attaching them to the cabinet.

To choose gas pistons

The total bed weight also includes the door in which the bed is located. If you use too weak gas dampers, it will be slower to close the cabinet door. If you choose too strong, you risk the door closing by itself when the bed is folded down.

Vertical wall bed

  • Bed weight 50 kg: 900 N
  • Bed weight 60 kg: 1100 N
  • Bed weight 70 kg: 1300 N
  • Bed weight 80 kg: 1500 N
  • Bed weight 90 kg 1700 -1900 N
  • Bed weight 100 kg 2200 N
    Bed weight 100 kg< 2400 N

Horizontal wall bed

  • Bed weight 40 kg 400 N
  • Bed weight 50 kg 500 N
  • Bed weight 60 kg 600 N
  • Bed weight 80 kg 800 N

Estimated delivery within Sweden: 3 weeks.

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Estimated delivery within Sweden: 3 weeks.