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You can read more about your rights as a consumer on the Swedish Consumer Agency (Swedish: Konsumentverket) web site:



By ordering a product from Sofabedexpert.com you agree to the following payment, delivery and complaint terms. If you shop as a private person on our part, the terms of the Distance Purchase Act and the Consumer Purchase Act apply and you can invoke the rules in these laws in the event of any inquiries to us. If you shop as a corporate customer, ie all forms of trading with legal entities, the following terms and conditions apply to all trading with Sofa Bed Expert. Sofabedexpert.com is owned by United Internet Furniture Sweden AB org: 556827-0382 and agreements between all customers on Sofabedexpert.com are therefore between these parties.


On our website, you can pay with Credit Card, Debit Card, Qvickly, invoice or choose to pay a down payment of 1/3 of the purchase price in advance via invoice.

Payment is made through the selected payment method at checkout. The payment method is provided by Qvickly together with partners.

Card payments are accepted by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Your chosen payment type (Debit card or credit card) will be charged when you submit your order at the final stage of the checkout.

Prices are given in Swedish Crowns (SEK). Prices include VAT and any other applicable taxes. The shopping cart will show the final price including all fees such as VAT, shipping and additional fees. We will do what we reasonably can to ensure that the prices stated on our website are accurate and up to date. In the event of any pricing errors, you will be notified by email or telephone and we will give you the opportunity to re-confirm your order at the correct price.

All products that Sofabedexpert sends out are in United Internet Furniture Sweden AB’s possession until the product has been paid in full to United Internet Furniture Sweden AB, and that signed and received delivery has been made to the intended buyer of the product. Should for any reason a payment from a buyer prove to be incorrect or otherwise could not be fulfilled, all goods in the current purchase agreement in United Internet Furniture Sweden AB are owned regardless of whether delivery has finally taken place to the customer.

When it comes to buying unassembled furniture, special rules apply. If installation services have not been purchased through Sofabedexpert, the buyer is responsible for the installation and any damage that occurs there. The enclosed installation instructions must be used and the furniture must be mounted in a protected place so that the floor does not scratch or damage the furniture.

In the case of furniture, the usual right of complaint applies according to the Distance Purchase Act or the Consumer Purchase Act for private customers, the furniture must withstand normal wear and tear and load for the time prescribed by law. When it comes to corporate customers, Sofabedexpert has an ambition that the furniture will meet the quality standards that are customary in the industry at the time of delivery. Should damage that can be traced to manufacturing defects occur at a later time than the time of receipt, this shall be settled between the parties on each individual occasion. All damage visible at the time of delivery must be reported within 7 days after delivery, damage discovered later must be reported within one year after receipt. Sofabedexpert intends to be helpful in finding solutions for all customers, but damages that are reported after the above-mentioned deadlines, Sofabedexpert is free to remedy or not. The bedside expert intends to remedy such errors to the greatest extent possible in cases where customers have a accommodating attitude and are helpful with this. In the event of any complaints, we do not guarantee that all faults can be rectified on site, but that in some cases the product may need to be transported.

You have a 3 year right to lodge a complaint about a fault in the product according to Swedish law.

Compensation for a complained item, should a complaint mean that the sofa must be replaced after a while, Sofabedexpert is not responsible for any costs the customer has incurred in repairing the defect or damage caused due to this caused by the customer or third party. Sofabedexpert is only responsible for costs for furniture, which according to the rules for complaints has been approved by Sofabedexpert.

Right of withdrawal

According to The Act on Distance Contracts and Off-Premises Contracts, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase of an item within 14 days of delivery, but must then bear all costs associated with this. In the case of unassembled furniture, these costs are extensive. We at Sofabedexpert go beyond this to guarantee satisfied customers, we give 14 days open purchase. Specially ordered items that are not pictured in the regular range are usually not returned. All returned goods must be returned in original packaging. Assembled furniture is usually not returned, but Sofabedexpert strives to have 100% satisfied customers and Sofabedexpert is therefore free to decide for himself in each individual case. In cases where assembled furniture is returned, Sofabedexpert reserves the right to make a deduction for any reduction in value. As a customer, you have the right to inspect an item before you choose whether you want to return it or not, so you can open the packages. When it comes to sale goods and outlet goods, there is usually no open purchase of these, but we take it from case to case as we strive for satisfied customers. However, the product must be able to be returned in the original pre-packaging without it being damaged during transport.

There is a ready-made template for returns at the Swedish Consumer Agency, you can find it at the link below. But you are of course always welcome to contact us by email or phone and we will help you.


Free Delivery Policy

In order for you to feel safe with your purchase with us, we always offer you free shipping within Sweden for orders over 799 SEK. Billing and other services can be purchased but are not included.

Damaged Items

When you receive your items it is important that you inspect the shipment immediately. Should the packaging be damaged, notify the shipping company directly. Always save the confirmation you receive that your shipment is damaged.

Return Policy

For all private customers who shop on our sites, we offer 14 days free return within Sweden. For the return of goods purchased on the internet, the rules in the Distance Selling Act apply. We go beyond these and offer 14 days of open purchase. For all returns, the product is paid in full upon delivery and the customer is helpful in filling in our return paper and arranges for a return to be feasible in our shipping system. The item must be returned in original packaging within 14 days of delivery. You have the right to open the packaging and inspect the product before returning. Specially ordered items that are not pictured in the regular range are usually not returned.


Save the receipt as it may be requested in later inquiries to the Sofabedexpert.


The registered office of United Internet Furniture Sweden AB is:
U.I.F sw AB
Västra Vemmenhög 231
27493 Skurup
Company registration number: 556827-0382

No physical store is available at the above location. For our store address visit the store page.