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Futon Bed Frames & Tatami Mattresses

A futon mattress can be placed directly on top of a Tatami mattress on the floor. Tatami mattresses are available as both thin and thick variants. Or if you want more height you can place it on a futon bed frame. If you want a firmer foundation we recommend a futon bed frame made for two Tatami mats. We also offer a 90 x 90 Tatami variant that can be used as flooring with a 180 x 200 Tatami mattress.

How to choose a futon mattress

When choosing a futon mattress there are a few things to consider.

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  • Where are you going to place the mattress? Is it going to lay flat or is it going to be used in a sofa and be folded?
  • If the mattress is going to be folded we do not recommend a mattress with a coconut core layer. However if it’s going to placed flat in a futon bed frame a mattress with a coconut core layer is a good choice. A cotton mattress is significantly more dense than a traditional foam or spring mattress but it is still fluffy and comfortable if you prefer a firmer mattress.
  • To take care of a futon mattress and to help retain its shape and puffiness you can thump it with a wooden mallet or something similar once in a while. This might be a bit of an ordeal but when compared to a regular foam mattress that becomes flattened and more uncomfortable over time and has to be replaced it is a more durable choice.
  • If the mattress is going to be used in a sofa we recommend a traditional cotton futon mattress or a futon mattress with a middle foam layer. The foam in futonmattress is not soft and still fairly firm. A mattress with a contrasting middle layer make the mattress reversible so that you can flip it over if one side has been flattened. It makes it easier to care for the futon mattress.
  • A futon mattress with a Latex layer is softer but it is still not a soft mattress. All futon mattresses are firmer than a traditional mattress.
  • A more modern variant is offered by Danish Innovation Living. It has a with Pocket Spring innerspring core as a middle layer. The pocket springs help evenly distribute the weight across the entire mattress while the two outer cotton layers keeps the futon’s more firm and rigid characteristics.

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