Our vision

Our vision is to create a safe and secure experience when you shop for furniture online. That’s why we have a 14 day buy on approval policy, free delivery on orders over 299 kr and a 5 year quality guarantee when you buy from us. We sell high quality furniture that last. We are always very thorough and selective in our product selection process. We do not offer any items that does not meet to our high quality standards. We choose suppliers that can guarantee the quality of their products.


We sell all over Sweden and all other countries from our central warehouse in Onslunda outside Tomelilla.

For retail customers we have three websites.

For businesses we also have a business sales representative that can visit your business and help you find a solution for your project(s).
In Onslunda we also have a cabinet maker workshop where we manufacture special fold down wall bed solutions and wall beds that are customized for Swedish spring coil mattresses.

We also have a shop that you can visit.

A shop in cooperation with Österlen Inredning(Österlen furniture) Skåne-Tranås in Österlen north of Tomelilla along road 19.

Opening hours and more information click here.

About Us

Sofa Bed Expert aims to be the leading provider for businesses and retail customers that need foldable bed solutions. We work with several suppliers to ensure that we deliver custom tailored solutions with good bed comfort in our interior decorating solutions. Form and function are important concepts for us at Sofa Bed Expert.

Our vision at Sofa Bed Expert is that furniture should be as easy as any other product to shop for online. We place great importance on personal engagement and excellent customer service. We are open 24 hours a day, around the clock, all days of the year. Instead of having a limited amount of items in store we offer an incredibly large range of options for our customers. At us you can get your dream furniture exactly like you want them. Of course with reasonable delivery times.

Sofa Bed Expert is a part of United Internet Sweden AB (UIF) org 556827-0382.

When you shop with us you get

  • Free delivery on orders over 499 kr
  • 14 day buy on approval policy
  • Product assortment guarantee
  • Delivery guarantee
  • 5 year warranty
  • Customer service all days, year round, between 8am – 10 pm.

We work with a select few suppliers that deliver high quality sofa beds and other foldable bed furniture that we know meet our high standards such as Hovden Möbel, LC Möbler, Innovation Living, Finträ, Karup Design, Nehl Wohnideen, Polonia Natural Design, Göinge Möbler and more.

Sofa Bed Expert And The Environment

Here at Sofa Bed Expert we consider the environmental impact of all parts of our business. We offer environmentally friendly delivery because the transport industry is responsible for 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions. We urge all our supplier to offer better and more environmentally friendly options for our customers. That’s why we cooperate with several producers that offer environmentally friendly certified furniture such as FSC, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and GOTS. None of our suppliers use flame retardants on their fabrics and we are proud of that here at Sofa Bed Expert. We also think of the environment in small ways. In all our stores, warehouses and offices we sort all our trash and we use bicycles instead of cars whenever possible.

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