Bed Bugs And Pests

Bedbugs and pests are a growing problem in all lodging businesses.
Bedbugs easily get into guests’ luggage and spread from overnight to overnight.
Bedbugs thrive very well in wood and like to lay their eggs there. Bed bugs can be difficult to detect. What you should look for are black small traces in the wood. As in the picture:

Bedbugs drop on their prey. So they like to live a bit higher up above the bed, such as in the upper bed on a bunk bed, a bit up in the wall panel or the wooden walls. They find their victims by feeling the heat of the body. Therefore, they usually come out only after you have slept for a while and started to warm up the bed. One way to get the bed bugs out can therefore be to put a heat source, such as a heat blanket in the bed and turn off the light and they will come out.

Prevent Bed Bugs

  • Make sure that you can not store luggage under or directly next to the beds, so bed bugs can spread from luggage up into the bed.
  • Be careful not to build with wood in the bedrooms. Use materials such as plaster, stone, concrete or moulded board materials without clean wood in. If you have to use wood details, you can treat them with cedar oil, an oil that bedbugs do not like. It is also possible to cover wooden walls with plaster. Just make sure that it is completely tight in all cracks so that bedbugs do not get in behind the plaster.
  • Make sure you do not have wooden beds or wooden furniture directly next to the bed. Moulded board materials usually work really well, but not for example plywood as it is too wood clean.

Pest control companies like Anticimex can help at the moment, a freshly sprayed room is empty of bed bugs, but it does not take long before they return to a room with wooden walls or wood panelling on the walls. If bedbugs have been discovered in a room with a wooden panel on the walls, all panels should be torn out and replaced with, for example, plaster as the eggs survive behind the panel, even if pest control companies like Anticimex kills the living bed bugs.
Mattresses and other items can be frozen. The eggs and lice die at below -18C.

If you need more tips and advice on how to avoid bed bugs or if you want to get rid of a bed bug problem feel free to ask us and we at Sofa Bed Expert will visit and inspect your location and find a solution that works for you.