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Mullsjö Sofa Bed from Österlen Inredning

22 999 kr



A sofa made entirely of natural materials except for the bed mechanism which is made of metal. Our mission was to create a sofa that is part of the natural life cycle. A sofa that is durable and sturdy when in use but also made of entirely sustainable naturally biodegradable materials and becomes part of the natural life cycle when it is no longer going to be used.

The sofa is made with craftsmanship in Sweden. The fabric used is from Swedish Berghems Väveri and is made of entirely organic 60% cotton and 40% flax.

The matress can be had in two options Cold foam ore organic natural latex from Neonatura.

Length: 185 cm
Depth: 85 cm
Height: 97 cm
Seat height: 45 cm
Seat depth: 53 cm
Bed size: length: 185 cm width: 140 cm

Country of origin: Sweden.

Package information
The frame is delivered in a flat package except for the legs which have to be attached.

Estimated delivery within Sweden: 4-8 weeks.


Estimated delivery within Sweden: 4-8 weeks.