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Onslunda sofa bed from Österlen inredning bed size 160 x 220cm

27 999 kr



Onslunda sofa bed with perforated board bottom. The futon sofa bed with the large bed size, made for the long people. A ridged pine frame with is made for use every night. In the base the sofa bed have a firm board which makes is perfect for a futon mattress.

The sofa bed is made in Swedish pine wood from Småland in the same quality used to make windows. The sofa is made in Onlunda on Österlen.

We sell the sofa with two choices of  mattress. One organic from German Futonwerk in standard white satin. If you want a colour for the organic mattress there is a cover in the linked products in organic cotton.  The second one is a standard from Polonia natural design. You can also choose to buy just the sofa bed frame without mattress. For the mattress from Polonia natural design you can choose to get it with textile coated buttons so that it looks more like a regular sofa.

Measurements:  Length 116cm Depth 107 / 99cm Height 112/ 106cm Seat depth without mattress 80cm Seat height without mattress 30cm Bed size 160 x 220cm.

Made in: Sweden.

Estimated delivery time 6-8 weeks.

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