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Allbäcks linseed paint 1l 01 white

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Allbäck linseed paint 1l 01 white

SV Allbäck linseed paint 1l 01 white. NCS 0300-N

Allbäck linseed paint is made completely whit out chemicals. This does that the paint takes longer time to dry than many other paints, but it also makes the paint wary durable. We have painted our shop in Skåne-Tranås with this color it sticks good and have lasted good for ten years so far on our outer stone walls. Old style linseed oil paint sticks to most things, but shall dry slowly, then it sticks much better than modern paints.

If you are to use the paint out doors or in damp rooms.we recommend that you by the zinc option and mix into the color. Zinc can be harmful for the environment, but it keeps mold and and alges away.

How to use:

See more about how to paint with linseed oil paint in the film here under.

Thinning: If needed max 5% linseed oil

Application: stir well. Work the paint out so it covers the surface well.

Covering: 15-20 m² per liter depending on surface. OBS! the color must be worked out properly.

Cleaning: Linseed oil and wash in water.

Drying time: 24-46 h depending on the temperature. In summer temperature the color dyes quicker.

Here you find Allbäck guide for linseed oil paint: webLilla-Handboken-SV

Content: Boiled cold presses linseed paint.

Pigment: titandioxid

Desiccant: Manganese sequestration

The color is made in the little factory outside of  Ystad in Sweden.

Measurement: 1 liter

Made in: Sweden

Package:The linseed oil paint comes in a can that ways 1,75 kg. The paint is packed in a carton.

Estimated delivery time: Stock Item 2-5 days.

Estimated delivery time: Stock Item 2-5 days.

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